Bse Listing Agreement Pdf

AND CONSIDERING that a requirement of the Exchange is that listing requires that an agreement be tabled with respect to the following conditions, which appears to be eligible for the admission and sustainability of these securities on the list of Exchange 37. The Company agrees that once its securities are listed on the stock exchange, it will pay the Stock Exchange a first listing commission and make part of it, and then, as long as the securities continue to be listed on the stock exchange, it will pay to the Stock Exchange on April 30, or before April 30, an annual listing tax calculated on the basis of the company`s capital on March 31 and calculated in accordance with Schedule II of the Schedule. The Company also agrees that it must pay the additional annual listing tax at the time of the application for listing of securities from a new issue, as calculated in the scheduled schedule for a possible capital increase after March 31. The company accepts that this is also the condition of the continuation of the listing. E. In the event that the Company does not hand over the documents covered in the trap (d) to the exchange or disapproval of the confirmation card by SEBI, at any time prior to admission to the listing/admission to trading the securities, the securities are not in question for the listing or trading and the company is required to repay the subscription funds to the investors concerned without delay. 28. The Company will not make a change in the form or nature of its publicly traded securities or rights or privileges, which the holders of, without informing them 21 days in advance of the proposed amendment to the exchange and to apply for the listing of the securities in the amended form, if required by the Exchange. ii. If, on April 1, 2001, the non-promotional interest of an existing listed company is below the public participation limit required at the time of the first listing, the company will increase the unpro promoted participation level to at least 10% within one year.

If the company does not do so, it will repurchase the shareholding in the manner provided for by the Substantial Acquisitions of Shares and Takeovers Regulations of 1997. 38. The Company accepts that, in the event of such a listing request, the rules, statutes and rules of the exchange, which are in effect now or thereafter, apply, and the company also undertakes to comply, within a reasonable time, with the other rules that the Exchange may adopt as a general condition for new listings. 36. The company undertakes to allow the Exchange to immediately make available to its members and the press any information provided by the company in accordance with any of the listing requirements, provided that, in cases where such disclosure is alleged to be in the interests of the company, an appropriate special model may be presented for the examination of the stock exchange when the information is made available.