Merchant Agreements Amazon

By registering and using your account on Amazon Payments, you accept the terms of this credit card association agreement and all integrated agreements, documents or policies. 11.8 Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this Agreement and replaces and cancels all pre- and simultaneous agreements, claims, assurances and agreements reached by the parties under the purpose of this agreement. 12.1. This agreement is in English and you agree that we will contact you and that you will contact us in English for the duration of the agreement. If you visit the site or send us emails, contact us electronically. We contact you via the website, Seller Central and the email address we have filed for you. By registering for the service and accepting the terms of this Agreement, you agree to receive communications from us electronically. We may provide all communications and information relating to the service and your distributor account, including, but not limited to service agreements, changes or modifications to these agreements or guidelines, disclosures, communications, transaction information, statements, responses to claims and other customer communications that we may have to provide you electronically through law (together communications).

Messages can be sent to the website or Seller Central or email to the email address we have filed for you, and all of these messages are considered „written“ and are received by you and transmitted correctly. You are responsible for printing, storing and maintaining your own communication records, including copies of this agreement. This condition does not affect your legal rights, including the right to request a copy of this agreement at any time. You can contact us via the service by visiting the „Contact“ link on the website or Seller Central. 1.2 Contract structure. This agreement includes: a) Section 1 in Section 11 of these terms and conditions (the „General Conditions“), (b) guidelines, notices, procedures, specifications (see below), FAQs, guides and policies that are made available to you or made available to you, on our website in (this site and each follow-up page, the „website“), websites for sellers located on (this website and each follow-up page, „Seller Central“), or the company`s website (this website and each page that will follow it, the „mwS site“), or in this agreement (together the „guidelines“) and (c) the specific conditions account that are available through the service (the „specific terms of use“).