Stock Transfer Agreement S Corp Template

PandaTip: WARNING! Transfer of partially paid shares (less than 100%) an obligation of the purchaser and is the same as the transfer of a debt. In the last example (Acorn Trading), obtaining these shares would create a $9,000 commitment for the new shareholder. 2. TRANSFERT PRICE It is agreed that the shares will be transferred at the price of [PRICE]. This STOCK TRANSFER AGREEMENT (ARB) of May 17, 2019 (this „agreement“) is to and from Automotive Research Bureau Inc., a Florida company (the „company“), NASCAR Holdings, Inc., a Florida company („NASCAR“), Random Burnett, Harold Goodemote and Raymond Mason as co-trustee of the WCF Family Trust (as defined here) (exclusively in their duties as such) , the WCF Family Truste, Brian Z. France („BZF“) , Paul B. Brooks as agent and independent agent of the BZF Trust (as defined here), and Paul B. Brooks, R. Todd Wilson and Deborah D. Lester, as „Independent Trustees of the BZF Trust“ (together and exclusively in their capacity as trustee of the BZF Truste, the BZF Trustee), Lesa D.

Kennedy („LDK“). , James C. France („JCF“) and , a Delaware company („New Holdco“). In this context, NASCAR, WCF Family Trustees, BZF, BZF Trustee, LDK, JCF and New Holdco are jointly referred to as „parties“ and „parties.“ A share purchase agreement also includes payment information such as: 5.14 This share transfer contract can be executed either as an original or in addition to a consideration. PandaTip: Sometimes pay a fee for the transfer of shares and the issuance of new shares, it is probably less than 50 USD, but you can first check. If you want these costs to be borne by the transferor or shared between the two parties, you can change the clause above. A share purchase agreement contains details such as: Transferor, NuZee, Inc. (hereafter referred to as transferor) and the purchaser, Eguchi Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as purchaser) enter into an agreement on the transfer of common shares, as follows. THIS ACCORD ON STOCK EXCHANGE (`agreement`) is concluded and registered on 31 March 2015 to take effect from the effective date of the IPO (hereafter referred to as 🙂 Boxlight Corporation (formerly Logical Choice Corporation), a Nevada corporation (the „company“); (C) Logical Choice Corporation, a Delaware corporation („LCC“); and (C) Green Capital Corp., a Delaware company („Green,“ for itself and as agent and agent (the escrow agent) for Series A LCC preferred share holders, who are included in L`Artiver A and have made a part of it (together the „LCT Minority Stockholders“).