Transactional Oracle Master Agreement ( Toma )

We are often asked for the various Oracle licensing agreements that must be accepted with new software purchases. Traditionally, the Oracle Licensing Agreement has been called the Oracle- Service Agreement (OLSA) and accepted either online or by signing a printed copy. To understand what you can actually use, a number of documents and sources need to be regularly checked, analyzed, understood and maintained. It always starts with the licensing agreement itself, which has changed several times over the years: Simona started working in 2015 as a contract analyst in the SAM sector. It conducts an in-depth analysis of the contractual terms agreed between end-users and software publishers. Your attention is on Oracle – IBM. Simona`s analysis of the contract helps clients get a complete, accurate and factual overview of licensing rights. Simona received a master`s degree in engineering from politehnica University in Bucharest. There are other agreements that cover the unbreakable Oracle Linux and VM. Oracle Master Agreement is the current agreement that Oracle still uses today.

The OMA was created to have a unique agreement for Oracle customers to support the various business lines within Oracle (e.g.B. licensing, hardware distribution, sales support, cloud sales, Consulting Sales and University Sales, etc.). Following the introduction of the OMA, the doubling of the general conditions was reduced to a minimum and the readability of the agreement was increased. Due in part to Oracle`s large number of acquisitions, the number of different business conditions for the various legacy agreements that Oracle and its customers had to manage between their companies increased enormously. With the new OMA agreement and the corresponding schedules, the ranking is generally as follows: Therefore, certain general conditions had to be renegotiated several times for each product and/or service or region where customers operate. It was therefore necessary to simplify this process with a new agreement: the OMA. Perhaps you should consider using experts who can manage your licensing agreements and help your business better understand your software resources.