Wifi Use Agreement

This agreement defines the conditions under which you, a customer, a seller, a board member or employees of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences („The Academy“) will be offered free Wireless Internet access („the service“). Wireless Internet Disclaimer and Terms of UseSOMERS POINT SCHOOLS provides wireless Internet access in the form of a WI-FI guest network („SPSGUEST“) in and on the school buildings website. GUEST WI-FI is made available free of charge as a public service to do business with SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS and be subject to the terms and conditions below. The WI-FI GEST is filtered content and certain categories of websites can be blocked (z.B. Pornography – Hacking). Category filtering may not be entirely correct as it is updated daily. SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS does not guarantee minimum Internet connection speeds and total network traffic is monitored and recorded. SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS cannot be held responsible for the protection of the privacy of confidential or financial information sent by customers via the WI-FI GUEST. Virus protection and security is the responsibility of the end user. Information transmitted via GUEST`s WI-FI network is neither encrypted nor secured and can be monitored, collected or edited by others. SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS disclaims any responsibility for unauthorized security breaches and encourages all users to follow good security practices.

SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS staff should not deal with problems with user connectivity or any type of computer problem. SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS disclaims any liability for damage, theft or loss of devices, software, data files or other personal items introduced or used on the WI-FI GUEST network. If someRS POINT SCHOOLS staff are requested, only the current operational status of the GUEST WI-FI system will be verified. There is no guarantee of access to the GUEST WI-FI at any given time, at a certain speed, place or place or with any particular equipment. There may be service interruptions and some devices may not be compatible. SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS treats repair issues related to THE GUEST WIFI as a lower priority than work orders and problems that directly affect the departments, boards of directors and committees of SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS. SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS may, at its sole discretion, terminate access to GUEST WI-FI at any time without notice. If you do not understand and accept this disclaimer and these terms of use, you are not allowed to use this service. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in loss of network access, suspension of authorizations and/or prosecution. With the use of GUEST WI-FI, I agree and I maintain them with SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS, its employees and all related companies that are born and destitute in my use of GUEST WI-FI. While I am using GUEST WI-FI, I recognize that I am subject to all the laws, rules and regulations of SOMERS POINT SCHOOLS, the State of New Jersey and the federal government that apply to internet use, and I agree to comply with them.

Keep in mind that networked communications should not be considered private or protected. All communications on the Texas A-M network are monitored. Texas A-M reserves the right to reduce throughput or access if necessary. The service and all products or services offered on or in connection with the service are provided on a „as seen“ basis, „as available,“ with no guarantee of any kind. All guarantees, conditions, insurance, compensation and guarantees relating to content or service and operation, the capacity, speed, functionality, qualifications or capabilities of the services, goods or human resources provided in this document, whether expressive or implied, arising from the law, useful oral or written statements of the Academy (including, but not limited to guaranteed quality, market accessibility, suitability for a determined purpose, titles and non-counterfeiting) are out of force.